Abandon All Myths About BlackJack.

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Everything that has been heard, read, mostly has no guarantee. That it can help us overcome. Online BlackJack casinos can actually have the main beliefs that should be forgotten or discarded.

  • Must beat the dealer with only 21 points. If only 19-20 points are not enough, if the other party gets 21 points, we end, although in fact this game is the key to beating the dealer with more points. and must not exceed 21 points separately UFABET 
  • Hot hands and cold hands don’t really exist on it. online casino Even playing at the casino or at home will have this situation. But here using a computer system to randomize the cards, so it’s fair to both sides.
  • Don’t waste your time counting cards. Despite the news that the famous hero has done it until being banned from playing blackjack in the casino If it is a single deck of cards, counting is not difficult. But if more than that, are you sure you will remember all of them? Card counting immediately became useless.
  • whether online casino Or play anywhere using the same standard rules. So what’s different is that it makes it easy to play. Play anywhere, no need to leave the house to waste time.

Believe me, this old belief only works in the era of playing BlackJack with a single deck.