Germany regain their title by beating France 2-1.

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Germany recently fired Hansi Flick from his position after poor performance. Able to restore its reputation in a warm-up football game that defeated France 2-1 on Tuesday.

Germany, with Rudy Voller in charge of the team’s offense. Started better taking a 1-0 lead in the first 4 minutes from excellent ball connection on the left. Benjamin Henrichs breaking wide from the end of the line. Reached Thomas Muller rested his chest before striking a great left shot.

In the 15th minute, the hosts had another chance. Florian Wiertz played the ball for Thomas Muller to shoot from the left inside the six-yard box. UFABET  But it doesn’t fit into the frame. 

Ten minutes later, Germany had to make their first substitution. When Ilkay Gundogan from Barcelona had an injury problem and was unable to continue playing. And had to be replaced by Pascas Gross from Brighton. 

France had some chances in the 30th minute. Aurelien Joameny passed the ball to Rondal. Golo Mouani pressed right into the penalty area. But poor foot placement caused the ball to bounce off the back, unfortunately. 

The Roosters continued in the 38th minute when Orelien Joameny had a chance to make a save after Kingsley Coman’s corner kick was taken, which Joameny shot again. But it still didn’t get through the hands of Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Then at the end of the first half, Germany led France 1-0.

In the second half.

at 57 minutes, France had a chance to win from the moment Theo Hernandez opened the ball for Aurelien Joameny to shine with his right in front of the penalty area. The ball went into the box but Ter Stegen was saved. 

Minutes later, France had another chance. The same man, Jouameni, created an opportunity to cross the ball for Antoine Griezmann to head in the penalty area. But it doesn’t fit into the frame. 

The Germans scored a 2-0 goal in the 87th minute. Kai Havertz stabbed a superb ball through the penalty box for Leroy Sane to rush in and catch the first moment and dunk it beautifully through the hands of Mike Mennan.

But two minutes later, France received a penalty when Leroy Sane clearly hit Eduardo Camavinga. The referee immediately whistled before Antoine Griezmann hit his own right-hand post. Make the score 2-1

Then at the end of the game, Germany, who had just fired their coach, regained a little faith by winning. France went 2-1.