How to Play BlackJack with Hard Hand Cards.

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How to Play BlackJack Reputed to be Hard Hand, it means that it is a difficult hand to play. Because the first two cards we receive have no A (Ace). And whenever in our hand there is no A and it is not a pair. You can play BlackJack according to this step.

  1. If the total points do not exceed 8 points, always hit.UFABET 
  2. If the total is 9 and the dealer’s face up card is between 3-6, double your bet. Because we have a chance to get a 10 hand and win with a total of 19.
  3. If the total score is 10 points and the dealer’s face-up card is 2-9 points, double down, but if the other hand has a higher score, hit and fight.
  4. If our total score is 11 points and the dealer’s face-up card has 2-10 points, Double Down, but if other than this, keep hitting.
  5. If the total score is 12 points, hit immediately, but if the other party scores the first card 4-6 points, stand because there is a high chance that the dealer will hit until the score exceeds 21 points.
  6. If our total score is 13-16 points and the dealer has 2-6 points, stand first, but if the dealer gets more points then hit.
  7. If we add 17-21 points to stand, don’t care how many points the other party will get. Because we have more than 90% chance of winning already.