Inter Milan hopes Skriniar signs more early than Paris rumors.

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Inter Milan sporting director Beppe Marotta has expressed hope. That Milan Skriniar will renew his contract by November 13 Chase had offered.

The defender’s deal expires in June 2023 and he will theoretically be able to negotiate with another club ahead of January.

That’s what PSG have been waiting for and they have never hidden away their efforts to sign the centre-back. After being turned down by Inter in the this summer UFABET

The Ligue 1 champion’s offer is believed to be up to €70 million on the last day of the transfer window. At that point, Inter had already increased their demand to 90 million euros.

Marotta speaks ahead of the Champions League game Last night. He told Bayern Munich that Skriniar could sign a new contract by November 13.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport. It does not mean Inter will accept their €6.5m wage cap. But will allow it to reach that amount with a result-related bonus concession work.

But that’s still far from the €9m quoted by PSG football team, but Skriniar would prefer to stay at Inter and there’s no reason to leave. Especially after seeing the club battle it out. fully to hold him back