Manchester United confirms new Qualcomm sponsor starting next season.

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Manchester United confirms ‘Qualcomm‘ is the new chest sponsor starting next season onwards. Manchester United has opened negotiations with Qualcomm. A technology company from the United States. To become the new sponsor on the chest of the racing kit after TeamViewer. 

In December last year, Manchester United and TeamViewer agreed to prematurely terminate their kit sponsorship contract until 2026. But the German software company would remain a sponsor. Continue until a new sponsor comes in UFABET

Most recently, the famous Premier League club confirmed on Tuesday, September 12. That it has reached an agreement with Qualcomm for the licensing of its subsidiary “Snapdragon” brand has become a new sponsor on the chest of the shirt and will begin in the 2024/25 season onwards.

Manchester United already has a good relationship with Qualcomm having previously signed a contract. With Snapdragon in August 2022 to provide energy for communications equipment and technology. 

The new deal will see Snapdragon become the new shirt sponsor. Which will bring Manchester United annual revenue of £60m, which is more than the £47m it earns from Team Viewer. 

signing of this contract is considered to strengthen Manchester United. in finance and help raise the image of the club to be known more widely.