Manuel Neuer reveals he had skin cancer, requiring 3 surgeries

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Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has revealed that. He has skin cancer on his face. which required 3 surgeries. However reports from Germany footballer understand the goofy will not miss the World Cup due to cancer. Although he still struggled with getting fit. Due to shoulder injury last month.

Manuel Neuer took to Instagram on Wednesday to share that he was suffering from skin cancer. By now having a joint venture with famous tennis player Angelique Kerber to launch a new sunscreen product.

“We both have a history of dermatitis. In my case it was melanoma on the face. which required 3 surgeries.” UFABET

“When it comes to sunscreen, That’s why we put the utmost importance on protection.”

“Because we have to practice outdoors all the time. and likes to spend free time with nature That’s why it’s important for us to start with modern sun protection filters. and sun protection factor at 50+”

“We know that we have sunscreen that constantly protects us. and almost nothing will be burned.”

Cancer is not new in football. Many players have been detected. But in the end they won. For example, former Newcastle United forward Jonas Gutierrez. And more recently, new signing Sebastian Aller at Borussia Dortmund. Martmund that has not yet had a chance to use because he was diagnosed with malignant tumors in the testicles before Which is now back to practice