Robertson blames himself for lack of concentration, not worthy of Captain Scott.

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Andrew Robertson Scotland defender blames himself for blocking the ball. That led to England trailing 0-2 at the end of the first half and losing 1-3, saying it was a mistake that should not have happened. Rise from man to football captain. Therefore, I would like to bear all the thrills and curses myself.

The score was down 0-1 after just 3 minutes, ‘Tartan’ sacrificed the second goal when the ‘Roaring Lion’ penetrated from the left. The ball flew all the way to the far post and Robertson slammed it into the gun. Jude Bellingham fired a counter shot into the net UFABET

Even though Liverpool’s left-back helped the team crack the eggs 1-2 early in the second half because he played the game on the right and then cut and put pressure into the box until Harry Maguire blocked it into his own goal. But at the end of the game, Harry Kane scored to close the box 1-3, ending the streak of 6 consecutive wins. 

Lessons learned from this defeat against his eternal rival, Robertson takes responsibility himself, hoping that something like this won’t happen again in an official match. 

“The second goal was completely my mistake. Even though in reality it cannot happen.”

Opening your mouth through ‘BeIN Sports’

“But you have to try to keep your head up. and try to respond better in the second half Then we can get ourselves back into the game.”   

“Ugh, there were a couple of chances in that half, the fans were really excited. But allowing Harry Kane to have only half a yard free. It becomes the door that sends us to sleep.” 

“I hate to disappoint this team. But it happened last night. I hate being the one who scores goals. And didn’t think that the ball’s trajectory would land on your feet. Until I offered the tray to that guy (Bellingham).”

“Which is when you have to face Bellingham when the results are in your favor. That guy won’t let you go unpunished.” 

“I therefore want to apologize to the team and team manager. that made a mistake like that Tried to respond to the mistake with a positive performance in the second half. I thought I could do it … but as you can see, I tripped over my own feet last night.” 

Scotland, despite closing the September international break with a friendly defeat, is still 100% victorious in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group A. As long as it’s a draw with Spain next month, it should be enough to advance to Germany in the final round.