Ugarte wanted to join Paris but Sporting forced him to leave.

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French media say Manuel Ugarte prefers a move to PSG, but Sporting Lisbon are favoring an offer from Chelsea.

Ugarte the 22-year-old midfielder is being targeted by European clubs. Particularly Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, who are trying to make a bid for Sporting Lisbon to open up a move for the player.

L’Equipe has revealed that the Uruguayan midfielder has expressed his interest in a move to the Parc des Princes. But PSG’s offer is second only to Chelsea’s offer to Sporting. Which is worth more.

navy blue lion Try to make an offer to buy a small number of shares of Sporting. In addition to the various bonuses. UFABET According to the player’s performance. It is still better than PSG by separating from the release clause. Unlike the famous Paris team that is a one-piece bundle.

However, L’Equipe said that if it happened according to the reports that. There was a request to buy the club’s shares. There is a chance that Chelsea and Sporting will be investigated by UEFA and the Portuguese league. In addition, in the past, Sporting has had bad news that they are being investigate for corruption as well.

Urgate can play in a variety of positions in midfield and with Sporting. He thrives on the left flank in midfield in the 3-4-2-1 formation that Ruben Amorim prefers to use.

Uruguayan football star Can play both with a midfield system of 2 people or 4 people. With the highlight being playing defensive games. and can run throughout the game hit the ball accurately.