Argentina crush Bolivia 3-0 in World Cup qualifying.

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Argentina made it two wins in a row in the 2026 Football World Cup qualifying round in South America. After beating Bolivia 3-0 in a game in which Lionel Messi was unable to play due to injury.

2026 World Cup qualifying round, South America zone, Bolivia plays at home against Argentina. Who are without Lionel Messi both starter and substitute due to injury. Make the offensive line of Julian Alvarez play with Angel Di Maria and Nicolas Gonzalez UFABET

In the 31st minute, it was Argentina who took the lead 1-0 from a great connection. Before Angel Di Maria opened from the left side for Enzo Fernandez to run in and charge close to home. There was nothing left.

The home side’s situation worsened in the 39th minute. When Roberto Fernandes committed a serious foul and stomped on Christian Romero’s ankle. Causing the referee to give him a yellow card before checking with VAR and changing it to a red card and expelling him from the field. The home team then had 10 players remaining. 

Argentina’s lead increased to 2-0 in the 42nd minute. The same Di Maria took a free kick into the penalty area for Nicolas Tagliafico to head the ball into the triangle. It was also Tagliafico’s first goal for the national team.

In the 51st minute of the second half.

Rodrigo De Paul had a chance to shoot from distance and ricochet off a local player. Before the goalkeeper rushed to block the ball, he narrowly missed it. 

Argentina created another chance to win when Angel Di Maria, who was outstanding in this game, snatched a solo effort before striking far in front of the penalty area. The ball flew so hard into the box that Guillermo Viscarra, the Bolivian goalkeeper, had to fall down to narrowly block it.

At the end of the game in the 83rd minute, the Sky Blues scored a goal to emphasize their victory when the defense couldn’t block the ball. Ezequiel Palacios dunked the ball for Nicolas Gonzalez to catch and shoot with his left into the penalty area. Don’t miss it. 

After that, at the end of the game, Argentina defeated Bolivia 3-0, giving them 6 full points from the first 2 matches of the 2026 World Cup qualifying round.